Pet In-House Labs
in Reidsville, NC

Explore our in-house pet lab services. Read below to find out more!

Vet Examining a Dog

Empowering Your Pet’s Health:

The Advantages of Our In-House Labs

  • Instant Insights, Swift Action: With our In-House Labs, waiting days for vital test results is a thing of the past. Get real-time diagnostics for prompt decision-making.
  • Tailored to Their Needs: Our skilled veterinarians use In-House Lab results to tailor treatment plans to your pet’s unique needs, ensuring the best possible care.
  • Stress-Free Experience: Shorter waiting times mean less stress for both pets and pet parents, making the journey smoother and more comfortable.
  • Collaborative Care: Our In-House Labs foster collaboration among our experts, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of your pet’s health status.
  • Informed Pet Parents: Stay actively involved in your pet’s well-being with immediate results, fostering a deeper connection and understanding.
  • Comprehensive Testing: From comprehensive blood work to intricate urinalysis, our In-House Labs cover a wide spectrum of tests to provide a holistic view of your pet’s health.